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Exotic Car Rentals & Luxury Car Rentals in Miami is a Miami Beach based firm that provides the upscale vacationer with the best, fun, unique, stress free as well as luxurious vacation.  When you land either from a private jet or an aero plane you will be met by a limo, Ferrari, Bentley or a Mercedes that will take you to a luxurious condo and an exotic car of your choice parked in the garage for your exclusive use.


Ferrari Rentals:

If you have used Ferrari in the past you will recall or else you know that this luxury car got power, speed & supremacy. Renting a Ferrari from is very easy and no need to worry about the approval process.

Lamborghini Rentals:

This luxury car boost of its fierce possibilities, speed and power. Lamborghini is widely recognized as a symbol of wealth and confident driving capabilities.

Bentley Rentals:

Want to show or proof supremacy. Just go the bentley. Bentley refers to a sleek, fast and luxurious automobile. You can choose from various models or the kind of color you need.


Mercedes Luxury Rentals:

The name Mercedes Benz just says a lot. This is known as one of world’s big fish in automobile manufacturing. It is also recognized as the oldest brand that is still alive today. What are you waiting for? Hit us up and order your benz.